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Find out what's happening at your credit union. 
The CU Crypto Report seeks to discover how Credit Union members fit into the CryptoCurrency movement. 
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What Every Financial Institution Should Know About Crypto

By John Best
Cryptocurrencies have the potential to revolutionize many aspects of the financial world. Institutions that take the time to understand how they can leverage crypto and related technologies will be ahead of the curve.

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Mine Your Data 

Your members are moving assets away from your credit union and into Crypto through debits, wires, ACH, and BillPay. Discover the impact.

Crypto Exchanges

What are the top Crypto Exchanges your members are using to funnel assets away from your credit union. What does that mean for your organization?

Analyze Trends

Follow Crypto market trends and track them against your own data in order to anticipate how your members will react to market changes.


Discover ways your Credit Union can take advantage of these new crypto markets to attract and keep new members.
Contribute your data to help develop a fuller CU picture!
By aggregating anonymized data from across a wide array of CUs, we are assembling a fuller picture of crypto's impact on the overall movement. Contributing your data to the effort will allow you to gain valuable insights on your members' Crypto engagement and how it compares to other CUs. Submit the brief form below and we'll reach out to discuss the simple next steps and answer any questions. If you're ready to contribute data, click the second button for more guidance.

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